Accounting outsourcing

    LLC KYIVAUDIT proposes  outsourcing  of bookkeeping, tax and managerial accounting for enterprises, financial institutions, representative offices of foreign companies, non-profit organizations.

    Accounting services are rendered in accordance with Ukrainian regulations (standards) of accounting and/or in accordance with International accounting (financial reporting) standards. Software «1С» are used for bookkeeping and tax accounting. Managerial accounting is carried on in accordance with requirements of management of the company.

     Accounting services can be rendered in the form:

    1. Complex accounting services, which include:

    • development and implementation of accounting policy;
    • preparation of initial accounting documents (invoices, delivery notes, tax notes, expense reports, timeboards and others);
    • administration of bank statements (preparing of  payment orders, cheques, applications);
    • accrual of  remunerations, sick-leaves, vacations and  appropriate taxes and levy, preparation and representation appropriate reports;
    • review and accounting  business operations in accordance with initial documents;
    • forming of accounting registers;
    • compiling financial, statistical, fiscal and managerial reports, representation it to appropriate authorities;
    • personnel administration services (maintanance personnel documentation, forming personal files of employees, preparing certificates to employees);
    • consulting of management in accounting, taxation, labour laws;
    • support in inspections of supervising authorities.

     2. Rendering of one or several kinds of services which listed in section “Complex accounting services”

    3. Implementation of bookkeeping, tax and managerial accounting, which include:

    • development of accounting policy;
    • designing shedule of documents circulation;
    • calculation necessary quantity of accounts department employees;
    • developing office instructions and recommendation in allocation of obligations among accountants.

     4. Renewal of bookkeeping, tax and managerial accounting

    In the case of total or partial deprivation of initial accounting documents or in the case of improper bookkeeping, tax and managerial accounting our specialists would renew accounting, compile and represent to appropriate authority financial, statistical, fiscal, managerial and other reports.

    We use modern and convenient tools for transmission of documents and reports (distant work place, distant access to databases, electronic documents circulation and others).

    Cost of accounting is defined on individual basis and depends of following factors:  activity, size of enterprise, quantity of transactions, numbers of employee, presence of foreign economic activity, taxation, management requirements and others.