Other professional services

•    Verification of compliance with the tax legislation and consultations on taxation in order to identify and eliminate tax risks. While auditing the tax accounting we calculate independently gross revenues, gross expenses, tax liabilities and tax credit on VAT, compare our calculations with those stated in the company’s tax returns, identify the reasons for deviations and provide suggestions and recommendations as to their elimination. Our suggestions and recommendations are based on practical experience, knowledge and ability to forecast the position of tax and judicial authorities and do not contradict to the legislation of Ukraine.

•    Development and implementation of managerial accounting, determination of optimal expenditure structure and development of managerial reporting forms with the purpose of providing the top management with reliable information based on which managerial decisions can be taken.

•    Advices on internal audit, including methodological aid in arranging internal audit service operation.

•    Organization of seminars and trainings among the company’s employees on accounting and preparation of financial statements under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

•    Consulting services i.e. prompt competent assistance on financial, managerial and tax accounting issues rendered at the very moment when it is needed. For that end a request shall be sent by e-mail. You save your time required for examination of legislative documents and do not waste your time searching for solutions which have already been proved in practical work of many companies.

•    Comprehensive service includes the audit of financial statements, tax accounting review, internal controls efficiency testing, managerial accounting check-up, consulting services. We support tax accounting during the year (quarterly tax return verification is possible), provide advices in writing as regards to book-keeping, tax and managerial accounting and acknowledge annual financial statements.

•    Elaboration of methodological materials as to quality control system implementation, i.e.:

  • Regulations on audit services quality control which do not duplicate standards of other countries, i.e. Russia and Belarus, but are based on International Standards on Auditing, assurance and ethics, Regulations on National Practice of Audit Services Quality Control (ACU decision No. 182/4 dated September 27, 2007), as well as national and western audit and audit services quality control practices.
  • Methodological manual on audit planning containing strategy and plan examples.
  • Audit program guidance containing the internal control questionnaires and working papers to the Audit Program “Understanding of entity, including its internal controls and risk assessment».
  • Practical guide on application of certain audit methods (analytical procedures; materiality; risks and their interrelation; audit sampling; drawing up of internal controls effectiveness tests).
  • Other documents that are obligatory or expedient (example of job description of auditor, regulations on audit department, organogram of subordination structure and information flows within an audit company and other documents).

The materials offered above are developed exclusively by our team and do not copy any other materials.

•    Monitoring of the quality control system is the process comprised of ongoing consideration and evaluation of the quality control system.