Staff appraisal

We have developed the policy and procedures for employee appraisal at every qualification level. All our employees possess such qualities as integrity, honesty, objectivity, professional competence, due diligence, intellect and aptitude for the profession.

Upon every audit engagement completion an assessment of the personnel’s quality of work and observance by them of the ethics principles is being carried out.

Upon termination of every calendar year an assessment of employees’ compliance with professional and qualification requirements is being carried out, as well as assessment of the quality of work of each employee, its personal qualities, i.e. ability to work in a team, management style, compliance with corporate culture, etc. The results of appraisal are documented and analyzed and are taken into consideration when the person is appointed for a position with more qualifications and responsibilities.

Continual professional development and skill improvement of each employee is the most important element providing for the quality of our professional services.

In order to maintain the knowledge and competence, our employees are engaged in continuous professional development program which includes:

  • obligatory qualification trainings;
  • professional training and examination for obtaining ACCA and CIPA certificates;
  • seminars, trainings, research and practice conferences etc.;
  • studying professional literature and periodic publications.